Elijah Wood’s SpectreVision have teamed with Artsploitation for writer/director Jason Banker’s look at contemporary youth, in which the lines between perception and reality become blurred for those travelling down TOAD ROAD. Merging a dark urban legend of a local pathway leading directly to hell with that of group of drug-fuelled partygoers, TOAD ROAD will soon lead them on a nightmarish journey that some will never return!

The film is Banker’s first feature film after a number of acclaimed documentaries and he sites Gus Van Sant and controversial filmmaker Larry Clark (KIDS, BULLY) as the inspiration. Fusing found-footage and documentary elements to create a terrifying examination of a doomed, hypnotic odyssey dripping with dread.

Check out the first teaser and clip, as well as alternate posters, from the film starring Sara Anne Jones, James Davidson, Jim Driscoll, Whitleigh Higuera, Scott Rader and Donnie Simmons.






Source: Artsploitation Films

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