Michael Giacchino To Compose Brad Bird’s ‘Tomorrowland’ Score


If there was ever a man to write the perfect emotive movie composition, then I believe Michael Giacchino is very high up the list. He’s the man behind that heartbreaking opening score to UP, then in STAR TREK he got you unexpectedly when James T Kirk arrived into the world and do you remember the slow-mo they all met up on the beach in ‘Lost‘ and Sun and Jin met up after a long break? Yeah, that was Giacchino *wipes happy tear* to name but a few.

But before we get all emotional, Brad Bird has signed up the composer for TOMORROWLAND, the mysterious new project from Walt Disney. The film stars George Clooney, Judy Greer, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie, Tim McGraw  and goes with this official synopsis:

Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory.

I’m very excited to see these guys team-up again after THE INCREDIBLES, RATATOUILLE, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL for TOMORROWLAND, which is set for release at the end of 2014 and I can’t wait! The source is Brad Bird himself, see:


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