Iconic best-selling author and movie producer Tom Clancy has passed away at the age of 66. The man perhaps best known for heroic CIA analyst Jack Ryan died last night at a Baltimore hospital. Over his working life Clancy saw a number of his hit novels picked up with signature character Ryan featuring in all of those. The first, tense submarine thriller THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, featured Alec Baldwin as the action hero while the torch was later passed to Harrison Ford for PARIOT GAMES and CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. New Batman Ben Affleck also took the role for prequel of sorts, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, which Clancy executively produced.

Most recently Clancy had moved into the video game world, masterminding such projects as the Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six franchises. The end of the year will also see Jack Ryan relaunched on the big-screen with Chris Pine. JACK RYAN: SHADOW ONE is directed by (and starring as the Russian villain) Kenneth Branagh and is slated for US cinemas Christmas Day and the UK Boxing Day. SPLINTER CELL is also in the works with Tom Hardy rumoured for the role of silent government assassin John Clark.

R.I.P. Tom Clancy from all of us here at THN.

Source: New York Times