Christopher Gans re-imagining of  the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast has released its first poster. LA BELLE ET LA BETE reunites the director with french star Vincent Cassel who worked with Gans on BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF.

Cassel will star alongside BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOUR star Léa Seydoux in the hairy tale of romance that has headed back to its French routes. The films serves as further proof that classic fairytales and the wealth of the movie industry will never die. Check out the debut poster below.


LA BELLE ET LA BETE will premier in France on the 12th of February 2014. A date that is suspiciously close to Valentine’s Day.

Source: BleedingCool

  • bfg666

    Hairy tale, ha! Nice one.

    Let’s hope this new version of the tale will be better than Brotherhood of the Wolf… As a frenchman, I’m all for advocating for the exportation of french cinema but Brotherhood was lame and I can’t honestly recommend it to anyone. It was not even so bad that it became unintentionally hilarious, no, it was just lame. Boringly lame. It’s a real shame since french cinema doesn’t produce fantasy movies so often, but I had high hopes for this one and felt totally let down during viewing.

    Then again, Silent Hill was somewhat better (and it featured the prodigy child actress from Terry Gilliam’s wonderful Tideland, Jodelle Ferland) so there’s still hope for Christophe Gans. If the poster’s any indication, it looks promising, as the Beast’s face strikingly retains Cassel’s facial features. The lovely Léa Seydoux can’t be bad news either. I hope it doesn’t feature some silly medieval kung-fu fighter like Brotherhood… Fingers crossed!