Yes, you heard me right! The upcoming release of ‘THE DARK KNIGHT Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition’ (out on DVD and Blu-ray 7th October) looks set to carry all kinds of exciting extras and what could be better than more shots of Anne Hathaway looking slightly disheveled, yet stunning, as Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

I always had faith in the Hathaway and I think we can all agree, she did a fantastic job in the role of Kyle and although never quite called ‘Catwoman’, the homage and idea of the character was there in its full essence. But that’s not all either, as it’s also been revealed that before Cillian Murphy was cast as Scarecrow, he had a little go at being Batman. We’ve got a couple of shots of him as Bruce Wayne and then in the famous Batsuit but, for me, he’s a little too young and small for that role – at that time.

D0n’t forget to watch Christian Bale’s first audition as Batman over here in Val Kilmer’s suit and get yourself some Hathaway and Murphy below:

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Source: BatmanNews/Warner Bros