Legendary scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis is set to lead ABC Family’s high-profile horror series THE FINAL GIRLS from a script by writer Jeff Dixon. Genre fans may also be excited to learn Curtis will reunite with HALLOWEEN H20 director Steve Miner who will helm the pilot and serve as executive producer.  Miner’s previous film work also includes FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2 and 3, WARLOCK and the hugely enjoyable LAKE PLACID.

THE FINAL GIRLS will revolve around a group of teenage girls who, having survived their own personal horror stories and demons, are brought together by Curtis’ mysterious older woman. Here they share their experiences and struggles that may come to be more than meets the eye.

There is currently no air or even production date as yet but the network are said to fast tracking the project in the wake of the huge success’ from the likes of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, SUPERNATURAL and SLEEPY HOLLOW.

Source: Deadline.