Here in the UK we don’t have much need for motels. We’re just not big enough. But having watched my fair share of films and TV shows, I gather they are places where murder and unpleasant goings on occur. I don’t know why Obama doesn’t just shut them down. RITUAL, a film from Mickey Keating, sees a man arrive at a motel after his estranged wife calls him for help. It appears she’s killed a man connected to a cult, and you can bet your bottom dollar there’s going to be reprisals.

I really like this poster, and were it on the cover of a DVD, I would pick it up without a second thought. Skulls and candles are always great ingredients when concocting a creepy main course, but that word “Motel” is just loaded with sinister spine-tingling spookiness.

Keating speaks of his influences and love of the project, as well as its inclusion as part of After Dark Films:

RITUAL is a love letter to pulpy 1970s horror films like RACE WITH THE DEVIL, PUNISHMENT PARK, and HARDCORE. I’ve loved the works of After Dark Films since their first Horrorfest broke onto the scene and I couldn’t be more excited that my movie found a home with them.

No word yet on release dates. It stars Dean Cates, Lisa Marie Summerscales, Derek Phillips, and Larry Fessenden.

Ritual Poster

Source: IMP Awards