It’s not super often that Hollywood editors make the jump from the editing suite to the director’s chair, but Debra Neil-Fisher, editor of such films as THE HANGOVER TRILOGY, AUSTIN POWERS 1 & 2, and DUE DATE, is set to make that very jump.

Her directorial debut will be called LONDON CALLING and is, not surprisingly considering her experience as an editor, a comedy about ‘a tightly-wound fellow forced to go on a road trip across Europe with an eccentric woman so that he might propose to his girlfriend in London‘.

The film will be written by David Posamentier and Geoff Moore who are also behind the upcoming comedy, BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY, starring Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde & Michelle Monaghan.

As an rookie editor myself, I am all for more editors getting the chance to make a jump like this, even if the plot itself to this film sounds a bit forgettable. A strong cast and a deft hand behind the camera could however make it sparkle, so we wish her all the best here from THN.

Source: Deadline