Rupert Grint MacbethThose GCSE students don’t have enough films based on the plays of William Shakespeare when it comes to their coursework. So our dear friend, director Vincent Regan, has decided we need one more. It will be yet another retelling of Shakespeare’s greatest work, (I went there!) Macbeth. The updated film, titled ENEMY OF MAN, sees Sean Bean as Macbeth; a war hero returning home. He’ll be lead down a road of ambition, paranoia, and manipulative wives on his quest for power. SPOILER! Sean Bean dies.

Macbeth is my favourite Shakespeare play, so I always welcome a new adaptation. It’s always fun to see if we’ll have another THRONE OF BLOOD, or if it will join the Australian, Sam Worthington lead, MACBETH (2006) in terms of absurdity. This will be Regan’s debut feature as he steps from in front of the camera in order to lead an all-star cast including Sean Bean, Rupert Grint, Charles Dance, James D’Arcy, Jason Flemyng, Neil Maskell, and Joe Gilgun. Regan promises there will be blood:

Remaining true to its dark heart, we will strip back the dialogue, crank up the action and produce an atmospheric and blood-soaked chiller.

Source: THR