Kurt Russell leads crime-caper THE ART OF THE STEAL as Crunch Calhoun, a third-rate motorcycle daredevil and part-time art thief, who, with the help of shady brother Matt Dillon and band of misfit pals, attempts to pull off a new job by laying his hands on one of the most valuable books in the world. However, it’s not all about the thrill or the cash for the career criminal. Crunch as a score to settle and he’s keen to rewrite some chapters of his own past as well.

THE ART OF THE STEAL will premiere at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival and co-stars Terence Stamp, Jay Baruchel, Katheryn Winnick, Devon Bostick, Chris Diamantopoulos and Jason Jones. Check out the first trailer from the film written and directed by Jonathan Sobol.





SourceL Yahoo! Movies