Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak, known for films like A FEW GOOD MEN and the USUAL SUSPECTS, is set to direct an expositional piece about the lives and motivations of comedy stars.

Most documentary feature films about comedians or comedy acts take the form of a concert movie, with the comedian’s live performance in a particular venue being the focus of the plot. In this new venture, COMEDY LOVES MISERY,  Pollak hopes to enlighten viewers as to the driving aspects behind the laughter and the darker side behind it.

My hope is that we shed all new light on the pain behind the humor, but also uncover more about the minds and hearts of comedians than any of us think we know.

Pollak has rounded up a great host of familiar talent including: Michael Ian Black, Rob Delaney, Jon Favreau, Paul Feig, Jim Gaffigan, Christopher Guest, Chris Hardwick, Penn Jillette, Richard Kind, Lisa Kudrow, Richard Lewis, Marc Maron, Jim Norton, Opie & Anthony, Jason Reitman, Andy Richter, Bob Saget, David Wain and Alan Zweibel.

It’s not entirely swimming in uncharted waters.The sad clown story is as old as clowns themselves, but that doesn’t mean the project won’t be revealing and quite possibly hilarious given the names involved and those who’ve yet to surely be announced!

Source: THR