We have some more news about 2015’s most hotly anticipated movie, STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. JJ Abrams seems to be surrounding himself with his STAR TREK colleagues, as he will be joined by costume designed Michael Kaplan, and as it has just been announced that cinematographer Dan Mindel will be shooting the movie on 35mm film.

It was reported by BobaFettFanClub that Mindel’s involvement was announced yesterday at an event in Los Angeles. Mindel shooting on 35mm film might worry some, but we need to remember that he has worked on pretty much one of the biggest sci-fi film franchises of the 21st century, and Abrams would like to differentiate between STAR TREK and STAR WARS as much as possible.

We’re incredibly excited that STAR WARS: EPISODE VII will be shot on film though. George Lucas switched to digital for ATTACK OF THE CLONES and REVENGE OF THE SITH (probably not the worst mistake he made for those installments but it’s still up there). Digital has vastly improved in the past ten years, but this is a sign that Abrams would like to return the series back to its roots of the original trilogy.

Source: Collider, BobaFettFanClub