GLEE star Cory Monteith’s shocking passing last month of a drug overdose is sure to put more of a spotlight on his final film. We say ‘final’ but the tragic star actually has two films premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival. Both coming with sad irony as ALL THE WRONG REASONS is a title that speaks volumes, while McCANICK sees him lead as a drug addicted former criminal. The latter is directed by Josh C. Waller and we have the film’s first trailer.

The crime thriller sees Monteith’s troubled character Simon Weeks released from prison. However, a secret he carries triggers paranoia and violence in the hot-headed detective who put him away, Eugene McCanick (the brilliant David Morse), believing Simon may expose his mysterious dark past.

Ciaran Hinds, Mike Vogel, Rachel Nichols, Trevor Morgan, Aaron Yoo, and Tracie Thoms also star in the thriller still awaiting general release dates in both the UK and US.

Source: Deadline