Top Ten: Unforgettable Horror Films

James Wan’s The Conjuring has been breaking records across the pond, smashing the US Box Office. It also reached the number 1 spot in the UK over the weekend, following its UK release on Friday. To celebrate this resurgence in horror, we give you a top ten breakdown of the horror films that we just can’t shake from our nightmares.

10. The Mist


Stephen King’s excellent novella of the same name has a relatively happy ending, but Frank Darabont’s adaptation switches things up so don’t be surprised if you find yourself rocking gently back and forth and sobbing by the time you get to the film’s devastating conclusion. Darabont evokes the classic B-Movie and brings us crashing back to reality with the very bleak, yet brilliant, The Mist.

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  • China Blue

    crazy-ass list.

  • Jay

    Yeah… well… You can’t have watched too many horrors.

    Eden Lake?
    Kill List?
    A Serbian Film?
    Cannibal Holocaust?

  • lorettajohnson

    lame list, and that pic of the omen was from the shitty remake
    pull your head out of your ass