Doctor Who - Series 7B

From 7pm tonight (UK time), THN will be blogging during the BBC’s live unveiling of the new face taking over Matt Smith as the eccentric Time Lord for the upcoming new series of DOCTOR WHO. With the 50th Anniversary episode swiftly approaching, we’d love you to join in give us your thoughts before, during and even after the appointment. Who do you believe it will be. Who you hope is will be. Or even like myself, you couldn’t give a rats ass and think the superb co-writer Mark Gatiss shouldn’t have been allowed to escape Roysten Vasey!

The special 30-minute programme, given a coveted 7pm slot by the BBC and replaces the Antiques Roadshow (which the Beeb has milked for centuries), has had cloak-and-dagger planning, even given its own codename: Houdini. There has been many rumours with names such as Peter Capaldi (THE THICK OF IT), Rory Kinnear (SKYFALL) and Hugh Grant (FOUR WEDDINGS) being touted. However, could we be about to see our first female in the role?

Follow us on our THN twitter feed as our own sonic screwdriver specialist Matt Dennis leads the discussion. My money’s on Keith Chegwin, the lead singer of Take That or Danny ‘fackin’ Dyer. You can also tune in and interact below: