Doctor_Who__Remembrance_of_the_DaleksTHN was lucky enough to attend a special screening of REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS, the 1988 classic DOCTOR WHO adventure staring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Sophie Aldred as companion Ace at the BFI Southbank. Fans were treated to Q&As with cast and crew from the Seventh Doctor’s era, as well as the aforementioned screening of the digitally remastered adventure.

Here are just a few choice cuts from the entertaining Q&A sessions:

Sylvester McCoy: “I wanted to bring back the mystery of the First Doctor. I felt there was too much known about him.”

Ben Aaronovitch: “Sylvester’s main contribution to scripts was ‘Please can I have less dialogue, I can’t cope!’

Sylvester McCoy: “On my very last day on THE HOBBIT, [Peter Jackson said] ‘…and I got the pleasure of working with my Doctor Who.’

Sophie Aldred: “For me [DOCTOR WHO] was like my drama school, working with these amazing people, like Sheila Hancock. It was my education working with them.”

Dick Mills: “You’d have producers and writers coming in saying ‘Surprise me! Amaze me!’ and you didn’t know whether to set fire to them or whatever.”

Sophie Aldred: “Apparently Russell T Davies had this idea that the ratings [on THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES] went up when old companions returned… and apparently it was Ace’s turn next. The opening shot was going to be this smart sports car pulls up outside Sarah Jane’s house and Ace is in this smart suit and heels.”

Ben Aaronovitch: “Right from the beginning of DRAGONFIRE, the chemistry between Sylvester and Sophie was there and we just went ‘oh my God, write stuff [for them]!’”

Sylvester McCoy: “I think the reason [the 1996 TV movie] didn’t work was because I was in it. In order a to capture a new audience it was too confusing. It was all my fault! The guilt!”

Ben Aaronovitch: “DOCTOR WHO is the reason [the BBC] is now having a drama renaissance.”

Sylvester McCoy: “I remember thinking ‘Fuck ‘em!’ [the BBC execs trying to cancel the show].”

In attendance were McCoy, Aldred, writer Ben Aaronovitch, K9 voice artist John Leeson, special sounds maestro Dick Mills, and visual effects guru Mike Tucker. We’d like to thank the BFI for their wonderful hospitality and we’re looking forward to bringing you more coverage as we head towards that elusive 50th Anniversary Episode!