Comic Con: Our Top Ten Favourite Things At The 2013 Convention

At this year’s San Diego Comic  Con, THN spent preview night walking the massive exhibition floor. On that night we pretty much turned around and walked right back out again as it was just so intense and busy with bodies, but we returned on Sunday to seek out the coolest movie and TV related gear to put it before your very eyes here on the site, and with it, everything else in the convention center over the past four or five days to come up with out favourite things about the 2013 San Diego International Comic-Con.

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10. The Tower Of T-Shirts


Quite simply hundreds and hundred of t-shirts stacked as high as the convention roof (nearly). Anything from DEXTER to Deputy Dawg, Roadrunner to RESERVOIR DOGS. THN picked up a Batman baby grow, Superman classic t-shirt, DEXTER shirts and more. Its very easy to spend a fortune here, and truth be told, we did.

9. The Lionsgate Booth


Arguably the best booth film studio wise this year, purely because of the amount of free stuff that they were giving away. There was a line around the entire booth nearly the whole time with giveaways taking place every ten minutes or so. We picked up several movie posters, merchandise and other tat, but the booth also housed signing by talent and filmmakers include the cast and director of YOU’RE NEXT, which also screened across town during the convention.

8. Predator Toys!


There were a lot of collectibles on show around the hall, from the weird to the wonderful, but these superb PREDATOR action figures of Schwarzenegger and the Predator himself caught our eye. Want one!

7. Danny DeVito!


We were walking the floor at the tail end of Sunday when we stumbled across a signing for the new series of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. Sitting right there in front of us? Non other than Danny Devito, right before he was due to join the other cast in Hall H for the TV show’s panel. So cool to meet one half of the TWINS.

6. Random Breaking Bad Stuff Around Town


Walking around the Gaslamp area of San Diego, you could not help to find shop windows, posters and such like promoting TV show BREAKING BAD. We saw a hat shop with a Heisenberg poster outside advertising the official hat, an Urban Outfitters with an awesome BB display in the window featuring boxes of (fake) meth, dollar bills and bright yellow jump suits, and even stumbled a quite open post-panel BREAKING BAD party opposite the halls.

5. Breaking Bad Toys!


Yes, BREAKING BAD toys also exist featuring Walter White and all of the main cast. We struggled to find any in stock however as they’re not on shelves yet, but it was still cool to see them even if we couldn’t get hold of them to take back to the homeland.

4. Robocop, but more importantly ED-209 Toys!


Again, more movie toys, but this time, stuff you cannot actually buy and take away, but have a look at and then order for delivery sometime in the future. These sexy things are released everywhere in September, and we like them very much. Easily the coolest little toy in the covention hall.

3. Guardians Of The Galaxy Props And Costumes!


Not only did they have movie props, but they had movie props and costumes that has only been shooting for 14 days on the other side of the world. That’s impressive. On display on the main floor were the costumes being used in the big 2014 Marvel release GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

2. Free Movies!


Again, this mainly comes from Lionsgate and Summit, but at the famous GasLamp 15 cinema in the center of town, film fans were able to obtain free movie tickets for upcoming releases, weeks and even months before they came out. You didn’t even need to be attending the convention or have any kind of pass as glamourous ladies were handing out leaflets in the street for everyone to come turn up and see a movie for free. Films like YOU’RE NEXT, ESCAPE PLAN (a film that also saw its stars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger attend), THE CONJURING and many more played for free for people that were willing to queue up to guarantee a seat. We managed to get into YOU’RE NEXT (read our review here), as did many fellow fans on preview night. Oh, and we are in that photo up above too… somewhere.

1. Hall H


Don’t get me wrong, the queue for Hall H is every bit as bad as you’ve heard. We queued for over six hours on the busiest day from 4am, but to be honest, I don’t think we’d have had it any other way. The Hall H line even has its own Twitter page for people to check before they turn up. We had a bit of a culture shock on the first day, but for any movie fan attending the San Diego Comic Con, Hall H is a must, and being in that line is part of the process. Once there you’ll meet new friends, share movie chat, geek out with the rest of the crowd and quite frankly have the time of your life. Once inside, Hall H delivers appearances by all of your heroes, one after another – so many that you can’t keep up, and you are witness to some much exclusive movie footage than you’re able to process. It’s Monday evening here in San Diego, and I still don’t think its all sunk in yet.

If you ever get the chance to go to Comic-Con, please go. Its a must do for any film fan, and if like me you think you aren’t a movie geek before you go, you will be by the time you leave, and that isn’t such a bad thing to be at all…is it? Thank you San Diego.

Source: The Hollywood News

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