THN At Comic Con 2013: Our Top Five Moments

THN have been in San Diego since Tuesday of last week and have been lapping it up in Southern California as accepting their warm hospitality. There is a lot of content to share with you all, so much that it may still be rolling out until the middle of next week. As we spend out last day here in the beautiful sunshine on the south coast and do our utmost not get hammered and end up in a Tijuana strip bar, we bring to you our top five moments from our time here…

5. The amazing Andrew Garfield


One of the first big panels came on Friday night, and Sony were one of the first major studios to present their slate of films, including ROBOCOP, which gets a worthy mention, but it was Marc Webb and his footage and spectacle brought to Hall H for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. The best reaction from the screaming audience came from when Spider-Man was seen on the screens to be scaling and climbing the buildings of San Diego, across to the convention center and into Hall H. Spider-Man was interviewed on stage in-character before vanishing and being replaced after the clip by Andrew Garfield. Jamie Foxx also made an appearance and we got to see his Electro kick all kinds off ass and turn of all of the lights in Times Square. More.

4. Assembling The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’


Quite a shock that this film was heavily featured, and even more of a shock that, even after just 14 days of shooting, they already had assembled an amazing extended trailer featuring most of the characters, including some of the CGI-scenes. Chris Pratt steals the show, channeling Han Solo in his performance as Peter Quill/ Star Lord, and the guy is ‘built’ in the role. This could be the funniest Marvel movie of them all, and we can’t wait to see after our surprise warming to the footage on show. All of the cast turned out along with director James Gunn. Probably our favourite Marvel panel. More.

3. Loki


The THOR: THE DARK WORLD was easily the weakest out of all of the Marvel presentations. but seeing Tom Hiddleston on stage in full Loki garb was something we’ll never forget. Seeing him try not to laugh when shouting ‘Mewling Quim’ at Marvel head Kevin Feige was nothing more that Marvel-ous (sorry). Well done Marvel, we tip our hat. Check out the full video of Loki on stage right here. More.

2. The X-Men cast on stage. All of them.


I remember turning to my colleague just before the 20th Century Fox panel started, and said that Fox will have to have something quite special planned if they’re to top the previous Warner Bros/ Legendary panel. They did. Bryan Singer showed off some great looking DAYS OF FUTURE PAST footage which confirmed that Wolverine goes all Marty McFly and travels back in time in the film to meet younger versions of his mentors. We saw Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy head to head on screen TOGETHER! One of the better Saturday mornings we’ve had… More.

1. What! WHAT!!!!!


I suddenly felt a breeze as the roof came off of Hall H in the San Diego Convention Center and shivers went up my spine  at around midday on Saturday. It was unexpected despite early word that it was about to be announced and I thank our lucky stars that we were stuck outside in the infamous Hall H line for six hours with no internet or mobile phone access. Zack Snyder took to the stage and immediately teased us that he had some news about MAN OF STEEL 2, and then continued on to introduce Harry Lennix to the stage to read a couple of lines  from “The Dark Knight Returns” comic by Frank Miller. He finished reading… the room went dark, the Superman logo appeared, and then…. a Bat logo appeared behind it. I rarely get feelings like this, and my spine tingles as I write this now. A moment that we’ll never forget from a Con that will go down in history. More.

Notable mentions: The AVENGERS: AGE OF UTRON title confirmation, Tom Cruise of stage for EDGE OF TOMORROW singing with moderator Chris Hardwick as Stacy Jaxx, the GRAVITY footage, YOU’RE NEXT screening and Q+A, the visionary directors panel with Edgar Wright, Alfonso Cuaron and Marc Webb, CAPTAIN AMERICA:  THE WINTER SOLDIER first look, GODZILLA footage…

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