Film Fan Embarks On Mission To Write The Ultimate ‘Die Hard’ Movie

Die Hard!

A film fan from the United States is about to embark on a journey to write the ultimate farewell to the best action movie of all time, DIE HARD. A few months ago, I posted an article suggesting a few ways to make a potential DIE HARD 6 13 times better than the last, dire, dire effort A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD (read it here), and now it seems that someone agrees with me.

Adam Mast, a film critic from St. George in Utah, has acknowledged what was wrong with the last couple of movies, and pinpointed the elements needed to ensure that the same doesn’t happen with an already confirmed sixth film in the series, and make the franchise go out with a bang, rather than a whimper.

British writer Ben Trebilcook is already at work on a screenplay for the next film, said to be set in Tokyo, but Mast is determined to get his movie idea, titled ‘Old Habits Die Hard,’ onto the page and into the hands of the right people.

“‘Old Habits Die Hard’ would appeal to those unfamiliar with the series but it would also open its arms to those who recognise just how important the first picture was (and still is) to the action genre.” Mast said.

“I wish Ben Trebilcook the best of luck with his script and I have no doubt that his heart is in the right place but I want to reach out to Mr. Willis and the powers that be at Fox and encourage them to take a chance on an unknown. An unknown who’s convinced that he has a concept that would see John McClane riding off into the sunset with dignity and class.” He added.

“[the film] would play as an action spectacle, but it would be a character driven piece first and foremost. It would be a new adventure but it would reference the original picture in a very creative way. Ultimately, it would allow the John McClane we’ve all come to know and love, to return in a really exciting fashion. Remember the fashion in which Sylvester Stallone brought Balboa back in the last “Rocky” picture?”

Sounds good, and I love the passion behind the points that this guy is trying to prove. It is time to go back to basics with this next picture. Millions agree that at least the last two really hit wide of the mark and were way too CGI heavy, and above all failed to lack the charm of that fantastic 1988 original.

Mast and co. have already put together a little teaser which gives you a hint of who would feature and where the location of the movie could be, and it all links back to the original nicely. Not sure about the availability of John McTiernan however. Anyway, are you listening Fox?

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Paul has been writing for film websites for over ten years. The Hollywood News was born out of love for film and his frustration at not being a very good filmmaker himself. Those who cannot do, write about – or so they say. Aside from the site, Paul has directed a music video (badly), has one credit to his name on the IMDb, enjoys running, driving (now that he has finally passed his test at the age of 33), and of course going to the movies.


  1. Jacqueline

    July 8, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    Great article. Trebilcook, also a relatively unknown, had a piece in the Guardian newspaper, which said he (Trebilcook) would see it as the ‘Rocky Balboa of the franchise’ and is incorporating elements of the first picture into his screenplay, referencing the Indonesian bridge project and Nakatomi / Takagi clan. He seems quite open on his Twitter page. It wouldn’t be the first time a studio has taken more than one script to form the basis of a movie, maybe it’ll happen with these two.

  2. John

    July 9, 2013 at 12:35 am

    I think Hollywood should give this guy, Adam Mast, the opportunity to at least pitch his idea and be apart of the creative team. I would like to see more fresh writers and passionate individuals such as these guys in the film making process.

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