‘An American Mystery’ To Give Us Insight Into OJ Simpson Murder Trial


Hollywood is not one to shy away from a fascinating true-life crime, yet few are as high-profile as the still-unsolved murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. So, it comes as no surprise (other than the time it’s taken) that £65 million movie, AN AMERICAN MYSTERY, is going to depict the controversial events that saw the American sports and acting legend OJ Simpson staggeringly walk free from ex-wife and her lover’s homicide, after that notorious trial in 1995.

Relative unknown British director Joshua Newton is apparently working on the project and already has rising British actress Charlotte Kirk (soon to be seen in Liam Neeson actioner NON-STOP) onboard as the doomed victim Nicole.  Newton claims he will write and direct the ‘thriller’ and release it just in time for the upcoming 20-year anniversary, next year. Perhaps even more controversially is the fact OJ had expressed an interest to be involved as a creative consultant. This despite his current incarceration for an entirely different crime. However, Newton added:

While we are creating an artistic work, the essence of the film is the search for truth. It was easy to determine that OJ’s participation is not consistent with our standards. Our goal is to lay bare the facts and have the audience reach their own conclusions.

Would you like to see the infamous events on the big-screen or do you feel this could be a cash-in on the traumatic circumstances? We’ll keep you posted as the project develops.

Source:The Wrap

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