Ryan Reynolds

Although we reported way back in January that Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Mendelsohn were set to star together in MISSISSIPPI GRIND, it looks as if Jake has been replaced. Reports have hit the Internet that Ryan Reynolds will now feature alongside Mendelsohn for the project.

Directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden (HALF NELSON), the film focuses on a young, cocky gambler who befriends an older, debt-riddled man, with the pair teaming up to travel across America, hoping to change their luck. Fleck and Boden also worked together on IT’S A KIND OF FUNNY STORY, proving that they can deal with the serious (HALF NELSON featured Ryan Gosling as a crack-smoking teacher) and the light-hearted.

Ryan and Ben are both brilliant actors, so it’ll be great to see the two of them work together, especially as Ben hasn’t really played a ‘central’ character yet.

Source: Deadline