Watch The ‘Man Of Steel’ European Premiere Live!

Man of Steel Henry Cavill2.png

From 5.30pm UK time today, the European premiere for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL takes place in London’s Leicester Square, and you can watch the whole thing live, right here on THN. Our man Craig Hunter is actually on the red carpet this evening, observing proceedings and hopefully behaving himself, and getting a feeling for the whole buzz for this, perhaps the biggest film release of the year so far. Craig will also be providing you all with the official THN review of the film in the morning too, so look out for that. We will also be reviewing the film on this week’s Hollywood Booze podcast, which hits the site, as always, on Friday.

Come back to this page at 5.30pm where you can see the stars arrive in the window below, including Superman himself, Henry Cavill. We’re excited. Are you? The film arrives in UK cinemas, and indeed cinemas across the globe this Friday, 14th June.

** Coverage kicks off at 5.30pm UK time, TODAY! **

Source: Warner Bros.

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