Few films are as highly anticipated even before production is underway but then again, few films bring the excitement of a story told in a galaxy far, far away!

With Disney now in charge of the franchise we’re promised STAR WARS sequels and spin-offs every year from the summer of 2015. First up will be director J.J. Abrams’ trek to the other side of the stars with a follow-up to 1983s RETURN OF THE JEDI. We’ll be hoping for a whole lot better than what George Lucas’ convoluted and joyless prequels ‘entertained’ us with.

With rumours of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ casting along with the expected return of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, new plot and character details have now appeared certainly backing up some of those reports. Abrams and Walt Disney recently confirmed the epic sci-fi sequel will shoot at the beginning of 2014 in the UK.

Storyline: Two 17 year old twins, a girl and a boy, are trained by their uncle Luke to be the greatest Jedi’s in the galaxy. Problems arise when the male twin turns to the dark side.

Jaina Solo – Female, 17 years old, lead. – Jacen’s twin sister, one of the greatest Jedi’s in the galaxy, trained by her uncle Luke Skywalker

Jacen Solo – Male, 17 years old, lead – Jaina’s twin brother, one of the greatest Jedi’s in the world. A loner who is constantly struggling with the idea of what’s right and what’s wrong. Starts to turn to the dark side. Full of conviction that what he is doing is the “right thing”. Will eventually become Darth Caedus.

Does this make fans of the space saga franchise super excited? Do let us know!


Craig was our great north east correspondent, proving that it’s so ‘grim up north’ that losing yourself in a world of film is a foregone prerequisite. He has been studying the best (and often worst) of both classic and modern cinema at the University of Life for as long as he can remember. Craig’s favorite films include THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, JFK, GOODFELLAS, SCARFACE, and most of John Carpenter’s early work, particularly THE THING and HALLOWEEN.
  • eris_kallisti

    It is a dark time for apostrophes.

  • Me, Myself and I

    Please JJ! Do not screw this up! Do NOT give Disney too much rope….. they will hang us all along with our hopes and dreams.-

  • Pranjal

    i wish they would make a movie on Darth Bane

  • Gregory Otis Dow

    Wish they would use kade skywalker

  • Justin Scott

    I think this is bad news. If you are going to pull from the EU, then you leave the entire EU in tact, or none of it. Picking and choosing is just going to infuriate fans.

  • Korabljenik

    I cringed the first time I read Jedi’s, but I thought it’s merely a simple mistake…
    …and then they done it again… and again!

  • Darth Craighunter is Silly

    This will not be the plot. This is the plot of the young adult book series… egads, man!

  • Fernando Yanmar Narciso

    four words: no vader, no film!

  • JRcanReid

    Yeah, this article is shit.

  • scott

    Jedi is singular and plural

  • Bang Bang

    False flag, people. In fact, one of the twins will stumble upon an ancient sith temple and artifact which will influence and corrupt and just generally piss everyone off. 😉

    You wouldn’t even know it, if the plot was leaked without fanfare.

  • Jose

    I do not like the male female twin idea thing. i rather it just be two male twins or something a bit newer like Luke as a kid no one else knows about and turns into a great Darth Lord and Layas son who is a very powerful jedi must find this Darth Lord which no one knows who it really is except for luke. the jedi’s should display new evolved jedi powers and the fights should be more epic. much less policis in the store and more jedi ass kicking please.

  • Eddie

    You know nothing about SW after the movies, right?

  • Pinkdino

    The books follow Jacen and Jaina Solo, twins, and their younger brother Anakin closely on their adventures.
    They work surprisingly well, especially during the Vong invasion, when the twins were in their late teens.
    OMG – JJ doing the Vong plot ? EPICNESS !

  • pinkdino

    You have nothing to fear. Vader’s footsteps will be followed.

  • bfg666

    This is total bullsh*t! Though it would indeed be cool to see the Jacen/Jaina storyline on screen, we know that any new movie will tell a brand new story, not a rehash of a pre-existing EU arc.

  • bfg666

    Aren’t you aware that the story is set after RoTJ and that Vader is kinda very dead?

  • Chris

    can’t be worse than what lucas just gave us…

  • Kavono

    What I suggest they do is go into some Star Wars novel territory and bring some of Timothy Zahn’s work to the big screen. If you haven’t read any of his work, such as Outbound Flight, I highly recommend it. In these stories he brings forth new, interesting, memorable characters that could be fantastically brought to life in film. One particular character known as “Thrawn” from a foreign race called the Chiss could be hugely entertaining and a great way to expand the Star Wars universe even further. Just my two cents.

  • hello

    Just like how they fucked us with Avengers right

  • dulcetpine

    No, this sounds like Twilight with light sabers.

  • Charles

    I read the novels that this storyline is based on and Jacen didn’t become Darth Caedus until after the war with the Yuuzhan Vong. Also there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the twins younger brother Anakin.

  • YesIDid

    I would give JJ Abrams a chance before determining whether this movie will be a flop or not.


    This sounds exactly like”Star Wars:Fate of the Jedi” series by Troy Jenning! great book you should read.

  • Penis Wonky

    I think the films need to distance themselves from the whole Anakin/Luke time frame entirely. It would be really awesome to see them do something with Revan and/or Malak from the Old Republic Era, like what KOTOR covered.

  • Phill Asheeo

    These details are untrue, in case anyone thinks otherwise.

  • Andy

    Because J.J Abrams is attached to this film it’s going to be way better than George Lucas’ Star Wars IV, V and VI. That’s right! George Lucas’ movie prequels were definitely better, even J.J Abrams thinks so!

  • Larry

    I had a band-aid on. I guess I forgot to take it off in the shower. When I was cleaning my lower region, I guess it fell off… When I looked down I was horrified, I had thought a pebble came out. But then I found out it was my Band-Aid!

  • #1StarWarsFan

    J.J Abrams continues to do a great job with Star Trek…I wander what he has in store for this highly anticipated film

  • matchstickx

    BLEH, all the males turn to the dark side, How inspired, and they’re all seventeen… If they cast the Jonas brothers I will personally bomb the fuck out of Disney world

  • okhi

    prepare to get arrested for terrorist threats….. 🙁

  • Jeremy

    “one of the greatest Jedi’s in the world” Don’t they mean galaxy?

  • wobbles9094

    nope, that was clearly conditional.

  • Adam02


  • Kosenator

    They miss one of the greatest plots in sci-fi. Did any of the guys over at Walt Dizzy take the time to read Timothy Zahn’s trilogy, which plays a few years after the destruction of the Death Star MkII? There are two of the greatest villains ever in Sci-Fi (afaic): Grand Admiral Thrawn and the twisted Jedi Master clone Joruus C’Boath. And Leia and Han are awaiting the arrival of their twins, who have also caught the evil master’s attention.

    Starting from there would give some history on where the twins come from and why Jacen has the curse of Anakin on him.

  • Wes L E

    They do know this is the plot of “Star Wars: Legacy of the Force” book series right?

  • the name game

    i just hope it has everything old stars movies had, little bit of romance, action, thriller, and a major twist at the end. comedy is good too, with R2D2/C3P0 but don’t over do the comedy, just very small bits here and there. its scary knowing disney is working with this film ——-i beg you to make sure its FLAWLESS——

  • musicman

    That is actually a plot from the expanded universe books. This is probably fake, as the writers are making a whole new story. Ths has been confirmed for numerous times. Fake newsitem, I guess.

  • Tey

    Come on……

    In the expanded universe, it took yeeears of Jacen coping with ideas of right and wrong before he succumbed to the dark side. And when he did, it was after a brilliant pilgrimage to meet with some of the greatest and wisest jedi/non-jedi force users in the galaxy. If they introduce these characters and then turn him dark nearly no damn reason, then they’ve ruined it from the get go.

    Also George Lucas killed off Anakin Solo, the best of the three kids because his name was Anakin and he thinks we are all so dumb that we would confuse him with the movie Anakin…if they succumb to that…ruined again.

  • crankedhelmet

    jar jar vs ewoks sounds better than this drivel

  • guest

    The storylines for Star Wars could continue forever due to the Star Wars Encyclopedia. It isnt the story that bothers me but more of less who will be the actors and will the acting be good?

  • enonomis


  • Gabe

    yeah this can’t be the plot. They never make movies from books. Huge sarcasm, incase it isn’t clear.

  • PeterBlood

    The CG or real world reconstruction of Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia return to character form will be the most taxing problem they have to solve. And Mark Hamill’s career could use a little boost beyond making bad documentaries and voice over work. Corvette Summer II anyone?

  • Firestar001

    This happened in the books. So my question is will it follow the books or what, if any, changes will be made

  • Robert Taubr

    im already annoyed.

  • Some Guy

    This is dumb. The best part is how people believe it without any citation except “details have now appeared…” Appeared where? In the previous sentence? =P

  • Anthony Hadley

    You realise Jacen and Jaina have existed since 1993 at the latest, and that Darth Caedus – Jacen’s sith alter-ego – has been around for six years at minimum?

  • edsonski

    So this “Darth Caedus” is his own master?

  • Christian William Dahl

    remember guys its jj abrams he is in the sci fi movie nerd regime …

  • Christian William Dahl

    yes this is why i want to give mr. abrams a hug…

  • Professor Monkeybutt

    Only this plot is in fifteen books following Return of the Jedi.


    Until they introduce time – travel… Just saying it’s disney, it could happen.

  • rc pacquiao

    darth revan story is much better

  • Madcap2112

    And yet they strictly stated the plot of the new trilogy would NOT follow the EU.

  • Edward

    Yes!!! And you know who would be perfect for that role? The Rock!!

  • seksivitez

    I hope you are joking… or else you need to go on the list for future re-educating.

  • CraterVanAwesome

    The issue is that everyone is much older than 5 years from when the last event took place. They just can’t make everyone look younger for the entire movie. They could make it believable in flashbacks, but not an entire film.

  • Kosenator

    Valid point, but if Jake Lloyd and Whatsisnamepie Christensen could do Darth Vader, what’s to stop them from getting lookalikes that actually can act for the next step?

  • Kosenator

    So it’s Heavy Metal 2 with a Star Wars twist?

  • Phill A. Sheeo

    Complete with boobs man…. complete.with.boobs.

  • Manon DeFlorette

    Jaina, the best in the galaxy. Wow ok. But Jacen is the best in teh…”world”? Which world are they on? Definitely not earth!

  • Jason

    Thrawn. That’s all I really want. Thrawn.

  • Joe

    ^ This, ten times over. Second I saw Jacen, I danced.

  • Oh Dear

    sounds absolutely terrible… a 5 year old could make that up! and boring as hell it better be a bad rumour!

  • ?Christophuh?

    Dumb names

  • David Waddington Fgms

    just bought iv,v,vi on vhs, box set ,gold edition, to remind me of my childhood from evilbay. you all seem young to be dissing the original 3 films. In my day they were outstanding…but now y’all got “da mobile” “d’internet” and of course expect more.

  • Andre

    What about the death of Anakin Solo… and Jasen and Jaina are 17? The books have long passed that stage… Admiral Daala is already been head of the republic…


    Jaina Solo – Female, 17 years old, lead. – Jacen’s twin sister, one of the greatest Jedi’s in the galaxy

    Jacen Solo – Male, 17 years old, lead – Jaina’s twin brother, one of the greatest Jedi’s in the world.

    By my calculations, there is only 3 of them left . -.-

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  • MegaSolipsist

    Reminds me of the book Betrayal.

  • ghostbeetle

    Yes, and it was boring in those books! How could anybody turn Jacen into a carbon copy of prequel Anakin after reading ‘Traitor’?! That had to be the most boring interpretation of that character and that book anyone could think of.

    I pray to Yoda they at least go for something new and interesting with the movie version of Jacen! And can we please get rid of the ‘Darth Caedus’ moniker! Why does everybody who even just tangles with the dark side have to go all ‘darth evil-sound’ on us? Is every darksider automatically a sith? Well, that would make the sith and that universe a lot more boring. Besides, it just sounds silly and pretentious! Palpatine, for the longest time, was known simply as Palpatine, or the Emperor. There seem to be millions of darths but there is only one Emperor! And Palpatine is a damn fine, aristocratic sounding name! I don’t believe that Palpatine would creep through the shadows like a wannabe giving himself silly sounding ‘evil’ names!
    Have at least some taste and sublety, even when you’re doing pulp fiction!

  • No

    BS website of the year.

  • I know the truth about SWVII


  • guest

    “I don’t believe that Palpatine would creep through the shadows like a wannabe giving himself silly sounding ‘evil’ names!”

    Except, Darth Sidious (get it? INsidious?).

  • Liam Aspinall

    Why not make a movie which portrays the sith in a different fashion. after all they weren’t originally evil

  • Andrew

    He directed the fantastic Star Trek films (2009 & 2013). I wouldn’t mind if he put in the “KHAN!!!!” scene, or some proton torpedoes.

  • Peter W Wilson

    Nope hope this doesn’t happen i hate when films are based around teens, especially something like star wars. Should feature an aged cast the originals had not a bunch of kids running around with lightsabers just doesnt fit.

  • Gordon Michael Alexander Clark

    Um, Jacen and Jaina were 17 in the Yuzahn Vong wars, and if that was not effed enough, there is still the chiss-killik conflict to fit in and both of these are very much needed to explain the rise of Darth Caedus and even his almosr apprentice, Benskywalker. Leave it to Holywoods busiest director to rush his shit.

  • Overlysensored

    Where the hell is Scott Cagle

  • Wallace Morrison

    No. He’ll be trained by Han and Leia.
    I know…blasphemy right?

  • Wallace Morrison

    I have a pet monkey that steals car keys and cheese, and he disagrees.

  • Prohibot

    Heir to the Empire would have been my choice for a new trilogy.

  • TheGCU

    Aren’t Jaina & Jacen in their 30s when Jacen turns in the books? They were 17/18 at the start of the invasion (which was a 5-year war), and Legacy takes place at least 10 years after.

  • Prohibot

    I just want the cannibalistic people eating Ewoks that were hinted at in Jedi & its novelization and not the cutsey wicket type ewoks we got. Little bear people eating storm troopers would have made the battle of Endor more exciting.

  • rob

    they are going legacy of the force eu? yuuzhan vong in a movie? (technically new jedi order)….badass….but that is a span of 19 books to cover in two ours, so a convulted loosely based storyline.
    jacen and jaina? Chewbacca dies? that would put the timeline at 22-25 years after rotj..ugh don’t mess this up please!!!

  • rob

    *hours, *convoluted

  • rob

    they should make the eu thrawn trilogy into an animated series like clone wars…and carry several storylines in years to come, it would be a shame not bringing the trilogy into tv somehow

  • rob

    jacen’s fall started with his time being captive of the yuuzhan vong, vergere was technically sith, but toyed with the no light or dark philosophy…..troy denning killed off Anakin solo, in star by star, the best book in the new jedi order series btw.though I hated darth cadeous moniker also.

  • ROB


  • ghostbeetle

    I dare you to paint vergere as a sith on the basis of ‘traitor’. If
    asking intelligent questions about the nature of the force and good and
    evil is automatically assumed to lead to the dark side then the star
    wars universe is not a place for adults to live their stories and it
    also shouldn’t be a place to let your children play if you want them to
    become healthy individuals!

  • octavio8g

    Recast all the characters. It wont hurt. We do it with Bond every 3rd movie or so. It always comes out great.

  • octavio8g

    You can do it in 3 or 4 movies. Chewies sacrifice, Anakin’s mission and death, Jaina’s relationship with Jagged Fel, Jacen’s relationship w/ the lady that turned him(sorry forgot her name), and ultimately the bad ass battle at the end with Luke/Jacen and the Supreme Overlord with his Loki.

  • Randy Bentley

    Remember they aren’t limiting themselves to just 7 8 and 9. They are going to be cranking anything and everything that they can slap a Star Wars nameplate onto.

  • JG

    Just make the Vader movie already. There seems to be an 18 to 20 year period of time where Vader is kicking ass and taking names. How about doing that movie JJ!

  • E_L_C_

    the storyline is most likely fake, these characters were used in fan fics for ever

  • E_L_C_

    luke skywalker was a teen in ep 4. he was 18-19, 17 isn’t to much diferent

  • hand solo

    Looks like a typically politically correct tale of making men look bad and the girl look like a hero. In reality, the woman should be the corrupted one.

  • Zak Arranda

    Firstly, I think fans would be dying to see a Thrawn trilogy, as I am personally. But the actors are too old to play their characters dated 5 years after Jedi. HOWEVER! This plot also fails. Jacen Solo didn’t turn to the dark side until years AFTER the Yuuzhan Vong war (in which he was aged 16 when it started, 20 when it ended). His actual fall happened when he was 31/32. Disney needs to learn facts before they decide to fuck things over just ‘coz they goddamn “can” fuck things over.

  • beandon

    without gorge lucas star wars would not exist and he did an awesome job

  • clbrown

    These stories have already been told, and are considered “canon” as they were all formallly vetted by Lucas and his production company. There’s a huge volume of written work (much of it also available in audio, including some which has full-cast performances) in the “official expanded universe.”

    This doesn’t RUIN anything… it’s actually a relief, frankly. I mean, I know how the American Revolution turns out, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a film about it, right?

    But Darth Caedus… the name taken on by Jacen Solo when he “turns to the dark side to save the galaxy from falling into chaos”… is certainly where I’d have come in. It’s the best “stand-alone story” I can imagine, with lots of drama.. HUMAN drama, not “SFX drama.”

  • ZodLovesMaude

    That’s the television series coming up.

  • ZodLovesMaude

    Star Wars is NOT science-fiction!~


    Actually, they were used in books. REAL BOOKS. Read it up. ._.

  • Bkborn 1

    Well, if you are the greatest in the galaxy, then by default, you would also be the greatest on your world….right? 😛

  • Ludo Sanders

    “Problems arise when
    the male twin turns to the dark side.”

    Somebody read The New Jedi Order books…

    Now i’m sure we can just skip these new films if this is a true story. This plot sounds like the most uninspired and bland idea for continuing Star Wars after Return of the Jedi they could come up with. The skywalker kids become the next sith lords… Great concept! Now lets finish the job properly and replace Abrams with Joel Schumacher!
    The ‘plot’ is ripped straight from the expanded universe books, so i have little doubt that this is actually another false rumor fabricated purely for the gossip, unless Abrams is out his mind.

  • Jeremy Wilson

    you need to take that back!
    If you were serious you need to just die
    The rock is to acting as twilight is to movies

  • Doz

    Star wars shoulda have been done forever after 3

  • Woo

    Great, they’re going to tell the same basic story all over again.

  • Watched M All Anyways

    Every god damn one of you is going to pay for it and see it and have something to say about it and then do it again when the next one comes just like all of you purchased all three of the prequels – so just admit you are going to like it no matter what because it’s Star Wars and let us move on.

  • Donny Pearson

    Well, there were a few “Trek” references in the previous “SW” films, like in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones,” Obi-Wan Kenobi told the Clones Troopers to “attack those Federation starships, quickly.” Obi-Wan was referring to the Trade Federation vessels.

  • Opinion420


  • Opinion420

    The whole reason why the original Star Wars was so epic was because of the duality of the light and dark sides of the Force…unless they can bring a new understanding of this phenomenon into the storyline, it will flop. You can’t keep telling the same story over and over. Something like, Luke Skywalker trying to “balance” the light and dark sides to become the true master…I think it was actually explored in some novels.

  • ConcernedCitizen31

    The Jaina and Jacen storyline IS from the books, albeit shortly after I stopped reading them. I agree they should have done the Thrawn storyline, but if this is true, I imagine Disney is doing this to cash in on the cache from the original actors and appeal to the teenagers out there. The Thrawn story is too deep, to dark and too risky to get it right. All about money.

  • A

    There is only one problem with that story. Jacen wasn’t bad at all, the true evil character in that story was Luke. He made Jaina see her brother as ultimate enemy, which he wasn’t.

  • agamemnus

    Because it is probably a fake!

  • PaulG

    This is the plotline from the novels.

    This is nothing remotely new.

  • Chris Levenduski

    They need to make “The Force Unleashed” game into a standalone story. Seeing Sam Witwer play Starkiller in a live action movie would be amazing.

  • malevolentmuse

    There’s not probably about it. Disney is about as free-flowing with information as a Communist nation. They will kill anyone who leaks plot information and I seriously doubt they’re going to use a plot ripped from one of the EU books. Then they’d have no plot to hide for suspense. Anyone who doesn’t think Abrams’ rep as being a plot hoarder didn’t come into play with his choice to direct is naive.

  • Jon C

    Star Wars is ruined. I’ve loved SW with a passion since I was born and I already know Disney is going to turn it into another one of “their” things, which is child-oriented and diluted. It just started making a turn into a more mature direction and then that happened. I’ll stick to the books and first 6 episodes from now on, thanks.

  • Robert Gamble

    Jacen is only one of the greatest Jedis in the world, while his sister is one of the greatest Jedis in the galaxy. No wonder he turns to the dark side, he’s jealous!

  • Sentry Virginia

    As long as GL does not touch anything, we will be ok. He actually has spent most of his life merchandizing Star Wars, and it showed with I to III

  • Justin Byers


  • Justin Byers

    fuck logic

  • Alec Campbell

    X-WING series, Thrawn Trilogy, The Jedi Academy Trilogy,, The Black Fleet Crises, Corellian trilogy, Hand of Thrawn Duology are the top ‘sets’ of novels set after ROTJ.

    New Jedi Order Yuuzhan Yong could make for great films but REQUIRE some of the above sets of novels to be made beforehand to give history and perspective. At the end of the Yong novels there is a certain planet that NEEDS to be changed/ edited out – 19 novels on a single major tangent makes for bad movies.

    Vector Prime has one of the saddest moments in SW history, skipping the New Republic Era and starting off with the Vong will SERIOUSLY piss off non-novel reading SW fans!

    Solo twins at 17 with plots from the Legacy Era might make the prequels look like masterpieces in comparison BAD IDEA to mix time frames! Starting a series 40 years after IV is reaching too far for SW-Disney.

    EP I was too cute and kid friendly/ oriented Anakin was POORLY cast and was only slightly better in II/III. NRE has the Solo kids growing up and could appeal to younger viewers while being palatable to the original/older SW fans.

    NJO Solo’s are in their teens, but they NEED NRE’s backdrop or they won’t have developed characters.

    JJ X-WING series are action packed and quite technically/visually detailed and just after ROTJ aka your starter set.

    Thrawn Trilogy introduces many NEW characters to the SW universe and the novels need to be written into screenplays ASAP. Don’t use piecemeal aspects from Thrawn in other post ROTJ movies – they deserve to be kept AS IS and made into 3 epic movies.

    If Disney insists on not using already existing SW EU materials tell them to F-OFF because you aren’t going to find better written sources.

    Will reserve VII judgment until I have seen the movie, or at least the cast list/plot finalized.