She’s responsible for one of the hottest screenplays in Hollywood after nabbing screenwriting duties on the adaptation of E. L. James’ kinky page-turner FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, but Kelly Marcel has officially signed for another steamy story. Well, if you count Hans Christian Anderson’s 1837 fishy love story, THE LITTLE MERMAID, perhaps best known in the form of the 1989 animated Disney classic. She’s been brought in to rewrite Abi Morgan’s previous draft into something a little darker.

Working Title Films is behind the film which will be directed by Joe Wright, who himself was recently linked to the helm of FIFTY SHADES. It’s likely to stick closely to the story of a young mermaid Ariel, who gives up her life in the sea for the love of human prince. Fingers crossed the whips and chains and left in the closet as we don’t need the kiddies seeing their scaly heroine battered.

Source: Deadline

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