Kristen StewartKristen Stewart is proving you do not need to stay in the franchise forever, as it was revealed today that she will be starring in two new projects.

The first project is titled CAMP X-RAY. The film follows a girl who joins the military to escape her town, but she soon realises that her tour of duty is not what she expected as she is sent to Guantanamo. The film is being helmed by graphic designer Peter Sattler, who will be making his feature directorial debut with the film.

The second project is SILS MARIA. The film follows a middle aged women looking at she spent her life and the choices she made. Juliette Binoche will be starring as the actress who is obsessed with the choices she made, while Stewart will be playing her assistant. Mia Wasikowska was originally set for the role, but left the project. Chloe Moretz is also attached to star in the movie and it will be directed by Olivier Assayas.

Welcome back to the Indie’s, Stewart!

Source: Deadline