They are one of Hollywood’s most famous acting families. You have the likes of Julia Roberts, star of such popcorn fare as PRETTY WOMAN and THE RUNAWAY BRIDE, and then her niece Emma, one of Tinseltown’s hottest young properties, but it is her father Eric Roberts (brother to Jules), who is to feature in the third part of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE series.

Entertainment Weekly dropped the bombshell news of the Roberts addition to the cast, along with Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Robert LaSardo and Bree Olson who will also star. Dieter Laser and Laurence Harvey, who appeared in the previous two films, will return for the third which is said to feature a 500-person long ‘centipede’ made up of prison inmates.

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FINALĀ  SEQUENCE), written and directed by Tom Six, will go into production soon for a 2014 release.

Source: Entertainment Weekly