Universal Believe It’s Time For A ‘Timecop’ Remake


I was never a huge fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s output but I do have a soft spot for a trio of his frankly ridiculous actioners. John Woo’s bonkers HARD TARGET was highly entertaining thanks to some silly set-pieces and a hammed-up Lance Henriksen. The brilliant and underrated Powers Boothe, also on villain duties, raised Peter Hyams’ SUDDEN DEATH into something fairly watchable, while a re-teaming with Hyams with The Muscles From Brussels on an adaptation of the Dark Horse comic-book TIMECOP by Mike Richardson and Mark Verheiden, brought my favourite bout of Van Dammage, in part due to a fascinating concept and a slimy Ron Silver (you see a theme here).

The 1994 sci-fi thriller also spawned a woeful STV sequel (led by Jason Scott Lee), as well as a short-lived television series but Universal Pictures believe now is the time to resurrect the promising premise of the politically-motivated Time Enforcement Commission back on the big-screen. The original centred on a future where time-travel is possible with a government organisation set-up to combat unscrupulous individuals intent on manipulating time for their own gain and greed. However, the senator who green lit the project has his own agenda for its inception.

It’s still unknown if this new project will be a direct remake or a whole new take on the source material but Van Damme will not be involved. Would you like to see a new TIMECOP adventure?

Source: THR

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