MOTC - 2Today Keanu Reeves attended the Cannes Film Festival to discuss his directorial debut MAN OF TAI CHI. During the exclusive press conference and photocall, he unveiled the international trailer, which should be with us soon. You can watch the first trailer over here and also the poster with the first shots we saw.

Currently in post-production, this action-packed contemporary drama shot in Beijing and Hong Kong depicts the spiritual journey of a young innocent martial artist as he struggles to maintain his traditional values and beliefs against the pressures of modern society.  Targeted for his fighting skill, he is lured into underground combat by menacing forces that seek to corrupt him with money, glamour and the promise of power.  Eventually he is faced with the deadly reality of the dark world he has entered.

Starring alongside Reeves will be Tiger Chen (House of Fury), Karen Mok (Shaolin Soccer; Around The World in 80 Days), Yu Hai (The Shaolin Temple trilogy), Ye Qing (Love on That DayScarlett Heart) and Simon Yam (The Iceman Cometh; Ip Man). The film is produced by Lemore Syvan.

This year, Reeves will also be seen on the big screen in another collaboration with Universal Pictures, starring in 47 RONIN, an epic 3D fantasy-adventure drawn from ancient Japan’s most enduring tale.

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