Ten Of The Best: Action Films Set In London!


Good old London town is the greatest city on Earth. I realise that many of you out there will immediately disagree with me, but I don’t care. I don’t want to alienate you from these pages, but this is a fact. I’ve lived in a small town in the northern part of the Cotswolds in the UK for a large part of my life, and five years ago this summer, this big beautiful place became my home. Since living here however, I’ve often thought that there was something seriously lacking, and now after sitting through a screening of the glorious FAST AND FURIOUS 6, is that ‘that thing that be lacking’ is a kick-ass $200 million action movie. I’ve been thinking to myself since viewing this fantastic piece of modern filmmaking (review coming soon); why have we not had many kick-ass action movies set in our big beautiful city? Well, apparently we have, because, after a bit of cinematic digging, I’ve managed to find a few. Here’s my ten of the best! Yes, there are at least ten.

Here’s number ten, but click through pages 1-10 for the rest.

10. EASTERN PROMISES – dir. David Cronenberg


Not an action film, but I’ll bet yo ass its the best film you’ve seen with a naked gun fight between Viggo Mortensen and one Tamer Hussan in a dirty spa.

I Love It Because: It’s features a naked bloody gun fight!

It Kicks Ass Because: It’s features a naked bloody gun fight!

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