Spanish-Language Remake Of ‘Breaking Bad’ In The Works

breaking bad

If you are a bit cut up about BREAKING BAD entering its last season, you might be happy to know that Sony Pictures Television have announced that Vince Gilligan’s hit television show BREAKING BAD will be getting a Spanish-language adaptation. Okay, you might not be THAT happy…

The adaptation will have the title METASTASIS and will pretty much follow the same storyline but instead we will see terminally ill chemistry teacher Walter Blanco (Diego Trujillo) go into the murky drug underworld to help pay for his medical bills and his family’s well being, he will be helped by his burn out partner Jose Miguel Rosas (Roberto Urbino).

Sony Pictures Television have had great success with adaptations in the past, but they have mostly dealt with comedies. All we can say is “gatorade mi, perra!

Source: Variety

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