Who’s Leading The Way To Direct ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’?


They’ve had the property since early last year but Focus Features and Universal Pictures are still to move ahead in gathering a cast and director for the big-screen adaptation of E.L. James’ steamy best-seller FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. A number of weeks ago we brought you news of Oscar-winner Gus Van Sant’s attempt at nabbing the gig after shooting deflowering test footage with MAGIC MIKE’s Alex Pettyfer and an unnamed actress. It appears not have worked as word is the studio have their eye on another award-winning filmmaker.

Strong word is Joe Wright has emerged as a front-runner and has an established relationship with Focus and Universal having directed period dramas PRIDE & PREJUDICE, ANNA KARENINA, as well as romantic war drama ATONEMENT and action-thriller HANNA. Does that mean we could see frequent collaborator Keira Knightly dropping her drawers as kinky virgin Anastasia Steele? Perhaps a long shot at passing as a college virgin at the age of 28, despite her stunning waif-like figure. Still, I wouldn’t complain if she got her kit off.

Kelly Marcel is adapting the screenplay of the first sexually graphic novel by fellow Brit James. As ever, we’ll keep you posted if and when confirmation come through.

Source: THR

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