The Hot Ticket #1: Iron Man 3


We’re putting together more and more video bits and pieces for you guys over here at The Hollywood News. Last week we became ‘multi-channel’ with the launch of our brand new video website ‘THN Videos,’ which features all of the latest movie clips, trailers, features and much more. If you’re a follower of ours on Facebook, you’ll also know that we post a classic scene from our favourite movies every day too, and so far we’ve been treated to the likes of GOODFELLAS, DESPERADO, HARD BOILED, TRUE ROMANCE, BASIC INSTINCT, EVIL DEAD 2 and erm, ROCKY III. You can see all of those videos and more over here, but in addition to all of this, we’ve just launched a weekly ten-minute feature show named The Hot Ticket. This has been soft-launched over at THN Videos and You Tube over the weekend, posted smack in between the UK and US release of IRON MAN 3, the first film we’ve chosen to feature.

The Hot Ticket will feature behind the scenes footage, clips and interviews from our chosen movie (the biggest release of the week), and will debut every Tuesday before the featured film’s release.

This week we have interviews with the stars of IRON MAN 3, Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sir Ben Kingsley, as well as co-writer and director Shane Black. There’s also a couple of clips chucked in for good measure too.

Here’s The Hot Ticket #1: Iron Man 3. We hope you like it.

Source: The Hollywood News

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  1. Jesus

    April 30, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    You’ve just (barely) reedited this video and haven’t even bothered to credit your source (or shoudl I say passed yourselves off as the source)…

    What a cheek.

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