New Promo Images Of Henry Cavill As The ‘Man Of Steel’

With a host of excitingly original projects (PACIFIC RIM, ELYSIUM) and speculative sequels (STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, THE HANGOVER PART III) still to come this summer, perhaps the most anticipated of them all is the reboot of a character we’ve seen portrayed countless times in comics, radio, cartoons, television and film. There is a lot resting on Warner Brothers’ Superman origin story MAN OF STEEL, most of all the fate of the JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Everything we’ve seen thus far from Zack Snyder’s sci-fi fantasy has been impressive and the epic cast assembled before a scene was shoot suggested greatness was in the Kyrptonian horizon. I believe Kal-El’s return to the big-screen is going to be the blockbuster to beat this year. What are your thoughts? Will you join him in sun?

As you ponder the question, why not check out these new promo images from the film flying into cinemas from 14th June and led by Henry Cavill. Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Christopher Meloni and Antje Traue also co-star.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill

Man of Steel Henry Cavill2.png


Source: Man of Steel FB

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