Jon Favreau

Is there an end to this man’s many talents? It looks like Jon Favreau, who has made a bit of a name for himself directing and starring in a little-known film called IRON MAN, will be eyeing up an independent feature for his next project called CHEF. There is not much information about the project, but all we know is that Favreau will star as an emotional chef who works in Los Angeles. If the financiers back the project, he will do a triple header.

Favreau is no stranger to directing, helming projects like IRON MAN and the Christmas favourite ELF, but he has not directed a project since 2011’s COWBOYS AND ALIENS. He had been attached to the film version of JERSEY BOYS, but left the project when it was not given the green light by the studio. Well, we’re glad to see him back directing again!

Source: Variety