Terence Stamp - ES Magazine CopyrightBritish actor Terence Stamp is a bit of an institution and with MAN OF STEEL just around the corner, he has been speaking to ES magazine to discusses his love of fashion, a blind date with Brigitte Bardot and his position as an ‘urban icon’. Stamp’s iconic role as General Zod in SUPERMAN and SUPERMAN II places him in movie history but that’s just the tip of acting iceberg for this highly experienced man of the big screen.

His debut film appearance in 1962 was in the title role of BILLY BUDD directed by Peter Ustinov and in that part, he earned himself an Oscar Nomination, not bad for a beginner. From there, Stamp worked all number of highly respected directors and actors, and it’s easy to say that this instantly recognisable man is a remarkable screen presence, every time. Stamp was once also lucky enough to have a night out with Brigitte Bardot but it didn’t exactly go smoothly, he had this to say:

‘I had a blind date with Brigitte Bardot…and I put on these trousers: I’d nicked them from Far from the Madding Crowd. They’re not like normal strides but I felt comfortable in them. It’s the first time I realised that if you feel good, you look good. She was probably the most desirable woman I had ever seen but I can’t say it went well because we didn’t have a language in common.’

Recently, Stamp has been a bit more quiet on the film scene but did recently star in SONG FOR MARION with a classic cast and has THE ART OF THE STEAL on the way, he which he co-stars with cult-favourite actor Kurt Russell. It’s not all been Superman-less though, as he added his voice to TV’s Smallville as Jor-El and so, with it, only enhanced his place as an icon and Stamp believes he deserves it:

‘I feel I’m kind of an urban icon, that I’ve earned my place, because, you know, what the English love best is longevity. I will be 75 this July. I am five years away from being 80. That’s ridiculous. But it’s all still working, so I’m delighted.’

You know Mr Stamp, at THN we fully agree and look forward to seeing you in whatever comes up next, a true British legend.

You can read the full interview in ES Magazine, out on Friday 26th April and is also available to read for free on iPad and Kindle Fire.

Source: ES