BLADE star Wesley Snipes was has finally been released from federal prison today after completing three years behind bars on tax evasion charges. Snipes was ordered to serve jail time in Pennsylvania after being convicted in 2010. However, now aged 50, the actor familiar for his roles in WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP, PASSENGER 57 and DEMOLITION MAN will still be under house arrest until the 19th July.

He’ll make a rather quick return to film via Andrew Goth’s supernatural western, GALLOWWALKERS. An effort which he just completed before his incarceration. The makers have waited until his release to maximise publicity and perhaps have Snipes on the media circuit promoting. VMI Worldwide acquired the global rights to the film expected later this year.

Despite making himself a superstar with Marvel’s half human/half vampire BLADE franchise (the first two film which were surprisingly superb), the last decade of his career is littered with dire straight-to-video offerings so don’t be surprised to see GALLOWWALKERS suffer the same fate.

Are you excited to see him back?

Source: Associated Press