After our exclusive announcement yesterday via OBLIVION-director Joseph Kosinski about his remake of the Black Hole, we can now confirm that it will be  PROMETHEUS and THE DARKEST HOUR scribe Jon Spaihts. Kosinski teased the news, originally expected to be a casting reveal, about the reboot of the 1979 Disney sci-fi epic during an interview to promote his latest movie, OBLIVION. He confirmed:

“Yes, The Black Hole is on. We actually have some exciting, big news coming on that very soon. It’s a project that I’m really excited about… it’s a deep space trip into the centre of the galaxy and we have a really great idea for the Black Hole itself…”

When asked about another of his project, the TRON threequel, Joseph confirmed that do have a title for it and that it will be linked to the previous film. He said:

“Yes, we do have a name but we’re not talking about it yet. It delivers on the promise at the end of Tron: Legacy in a really exciting way. he continued “We’ve been working on the story for a few years now. I’m really excited about the idea we have but the script is in process right now. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together… it’s an exciting idea I can tell you that.”

What do you think!? What would you want from the remake?

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  • bfg666

    What would we want from the remake? Well for starters, for it to be a good movie. It’d be nice after the mess that was Tron: Legacy. Also, to see more of Kevin Flynn and the title character.

  • I definitely thought Tron: Legacy had some great ideas going on, and visually stunning, but I can’t seem to remember what actually ‘happened…

  • Kevin

    I interviewed Kosinski a few months back and mentioned that with all these SF-related projects, it looked like he was trying to lay claim to that position Ridley Scott had aspired to in 1980, to be the “John Ford of science fiction films.” (it happened while he was trying to recruit Harlan Ellison to write DUNE, before he dropped it and went to BLADE RUNNER.)

    Kosinski laughed — but he didn’t deny it.

    The idea of somebody doing THE BLACK HOLE and getting it RIGHT is exciting … can tell already this would be a project that’ll generate awesome conceptual art and I just wish I could get in on the ‘making of’ book action …

  • bfg666

    The Black Hole was, with Tron, one of my childhood faves, and I hope the remake will be good.

    @Dan: T:L indeed was visually stunning, although I would’ve preferred it looked more like the first Tron. But the visuals and music were by far the best parts of the movie, and you can’t deny the script was poor, to say the least. It was basically a rehash of the first movie with roughly the same events.

    @Kevin: About the “John Ford of science fiction”: I heard that John Carpenter is planning a sci-fi western. Could be quite awesome!