Will Boyle Direct Bond?


Ever since the Olympic opening ceremony, Danny Boyle has been lifted high above his peers in terms of British directors. He has recently won the Empire Outstanding Contribution to Film and turned down a knighthood. Well last year was not only London 2012, but also 50 years of Bond, which saw the release of Sam Mendes’ SKYFALL. So, with Mendes confirming he would not take part in future Bond films it only makes sense that Boyle would be considered for the gig. Even if he didn’t make our list.

But the world of film is never quite so simple and it appears mixed messages are being sent out as to whether or not Boyle will be involved with future installments of the Bond franchise. There are rumours that Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has recently chatted with the 127 HOURS and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE director at the Empire Awards that took place on Saturday evening, as well as fellow producer Michael G. Wilson stating:

He certainly could be a Bond director.

However, Boyle himself was questioned on the topic during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, which aired Saturday night. Having directed Daniel Craig as Bond and the Queen as herself, in the Olympics’ Bond mini-movie, Boyle was asked if he had been approached or if he would like to do a Bond movie, to which he responded:

I’m not that comfortable with making those huge movies. I love watching them. I love watching alien movies and all those huge movies we all love, but I’m not really the guy to make them. I like making a slightly smaller movie and trying to make it look like a $100 million.

Jonathan Ross went on to ask if that’s because of the control he can hold over a smaller picture:

You get more control of casting, more control of your characters, you can make your characters do strange things. They don’t have to follow stereotype patterns, there doesn’t have to be somebody to root for. You can twist it or turn it.

So it doesn’t seem as though Boyle will be our man, but we should also remember that The Jonathan Ross Show is prerecorded. Therefore, at the time of its broadcast, Boyle may very well have been chatting with the producers at the Empire Awards and having his mind changed.

Boyle is currently promoting his latest film TRANCE, which we reviewed favourably here. He has also recently chatted about a return to the world of TRAINSPOTTING with the sequel PORNO. In the video below, Boyle begins discussing directing Bond at 6:53

Source: Express & ITV

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