David Mamet, writer and director of masterpieces HOMICIDE and HOUSE OF GAMES, could find his upcoming biopic, PHIL SPECTOR, causes more than a touch of controversy. The film, produced by HBO, aims the spotlight on the legendary music producer who was without a doubt a master in the industry, with a string of legendary hits through 1960s-80s. However his latter years saw him ridiculed as a wacky personality with an outrageous set of wigs that culminated in the notorious trial in which he was eventually convicted of the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.

Al Pacino takes on the title role that charts his downfall from musical pioneer to unhinged murderer. Helen Mirren and Jeffrey Tambor co-star and here we have the terrific first poster for the film which airs on HBO in the US on Sunday. No word yet when we in the UK will see it, but we’ll keep you posted. If you’ve missed the gripping and fascinating trailer, you can find it here.


Source: RichardMorrison