We have the brand new trailer for Andrew Niccol’s adaptation of the Stephenie Meyer sci-fi novel, THE HOST. Saoirse Ronan headlines as human survivor Melanie Stryder, one of the last remaining beings on Earth following a global attack by parasitic aliens that have taken over most souls of the world. Once located, Melanie eventually succumbs to the race but finds she has the rare gift to fight back against her parasite and sets out to free other humans.

We’re hoping for a whole lot better than any of the TWILIGHT drivel we’ve been tortured with over recent years and with Niccol in charge, along with a decent cast, we have our fingers crossed and expect better than miserable actresses and pasty-faced vamps. The film also stars Max Irons, Jake Abel, Diane Kruger, William Hurt, Frances Fisher and Boyd Holbrook, and hits cinemas from March 29th.

Source: Yahoo!

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