Our very own Dave Bennett gave Fede Alvarez’ upcoming EVIL DEAD reboot high-praise indeed following a screening earlier this week (check out his four-star review HERE). While we envisaged a raping of our childhood horror memories when the project was first announced, there was always going to be raping of some sort with wandering tree vines in the subsequent intense and gory red-band trailer that spiked our interest even further.

There is a twist in this new tale as the cabin in the woods, just off the beaten track, serves as a retreat for drug-addicted Mia (Jane Levy), who, with the help and support of her estranged brother (Shiloh Fernandez) and friends (Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore and Jessica Lucas) attempts to go cold turkey. That is until the Book Of The Dead is unearthed along with its soul-swallowing demonic spirits.

Check out this first clip from the graphic and grisly remake set for cinemas in the US on the 5th April and the UK on the 19th April. We’ve also added the new Wondercon video announcement (an event which will give genre fans the opportunity to see the film early), which includes an introduction by Alvarez and producers Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, along with previously unseen footage.

Source: TriStar Pictures