Walt Disney Pictures have tasked TRANCE screenwriter, Joe Aherane, to pen a live-action version of the famous fairytale, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The House Of Mouse are hoping for another fantasy hit franchise on the back of OZ THE GREAT & POWERFUL’s monumental success after opening to the worldwide tune of $150 million in only three days.

Ahearne may seem a peculiar choice considering TRANCE, directed by Danny Boyle, features some pretty graphic violence and gore, but he’s also a filmmaker himself and has written and directed episodes of beloved BBC series DOCTOR WHO, as well as sci-fi and spookfests, ULTRAVIOLET and APPARITIONS.

While the epic children’s tale was adapted into a hit Disney musical in 1991, we’ve already had the classic 1980 series (starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton) updated to present day by CW with Jay Ryan and Kristen Kreuk, as well as a modern remake in the form of 2010’s BEASTLY.

We’ll keep you posted as the project develops.

Source: Deadline