The last time we saw Nicolas Cage and director Simon West working together, we got the brilliant OTT actionfest CON AIR. A guilty pleasure if ever there was. Now the duo have collaborated on the race-against-time thriller, STOLEN. The film makes it’s long-awaited theatrical release in the UK on the 22nd March, after an underwhelming straight-to-DVD last year in the US. Much like Cage’s previous effort (SEEKING) JUSTICE.

STOLEN sees Cage as a recently released ex-con, looking to reconnect with his daughter after a skilled life of bank robberies scuppered any real relationship. However, a former partner believes he was double-crossed and looks to gain revenge by kidnapping the teen, leaving Cage’s former crook to devise a plan to save the day.

Check out the UK trailer and quad for the film co-starring Malin Ackerman, Danny Huston and Josh Lucas.