Without wanting to start this with ‘it’s safe to say’, I can’t stop myself from saying it’s safe to say I’m a little bit excited about the second half of the surely epic Series 7 of the BBC’s Doctor Who. We’re now Pond-less and picked up a Souffle Girl (with more shots of her here) who appears to just keep dying and, best of all, we really have no idea why…yet. *Shakes fist at Steven Moffat!*

Moving on, I’m pleased for THN to present a whole load of new stills from the opening FOUR episodes of Doctor Who, Series 7, Part 2, with a brilliant, blinking extra Fez. Well, it’s not blinking, it’s red but you know what I meant. Onto those stills and a little less rambling as first up, we bring you The Bells Of St. John:

series-7-part-2-gallery-1-4-570x320 series-7-part-2-gallery-1-3-570x320 series-7-part-2-gallery-1-2-570x320 series-7-part-2-gallery-1-1-570x320

Then, we’re onto The Rings Of Akhaten:

series-7-part-2-gallery-1-6-570x320 series-7-part-2-gallery-1-5-570x320

Now, you can find us remembering – or exploring – The Cold War:

series-7-part-2-gallery-1-10-570x320 series-7-part-2-gallery-1-9-570x320 series-7-part-2-gallery-1-8-570x320 series-7-part-2-gallery-1-7-570x320

And finally, thanks BBC, we’ve got The Hider in the House or Phantoms of the Hex (they’re still deciding on the final title!), which stars the beautiful Jessica Raine:

series-7-part-2-gallery-1-14-570x320 series-7-part-2-gallery-1-13-570x320 series-7-part-2-gallery-1-11-570x320 series-7-part-2-gallery-1-12-570x320

For more announcements, keep an eye on the official BBC Doctor Who page by clicking along here!

Source: BBC