Sundance is one film festival we haven’t managed to journey to in all of the years that this website has been open for business, and it remains an ambition for me to cover personally for these very pages. Still, last summer I did managed to journey along to the 02 Arena here in London for the Sundance London three day event staged by Robert Redford’s legendary festival and enjoy many, many independent films that debuted over in Utah just a few months before.

Sundance London is indeed returning to the capital later this year, but Redford and co. have just announced that a further 4-day Sundance Festival will also take place in August in West Hollywood. The Sundance Next Weekend is said to be an extention of the popular NEXT <=> section of the Park City festival and will showcase stylistically adventurous films that take a bold approach to storytelling.

The event wil be housed at the Sundance Sunset Cinema in West Hollywood from August 8th-11th. No programme details have yet been decided but we’re told that eight movies will feature across the four days. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: Sundance

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