Mila Kunis Awesome In Highly Entertaining BBC Interview

With every major film release, there’s sure to be junkets and press-related shenanigans that cannot be avoided. So when BBC Radio One’s Chris Stark goes off the track and onto questions about general London life and his mates in Watford, sometimes celebrities can be thrown by it but not Mila, who’s up for putting on a Watford FC Shirt and escaping the usual monotony of your standard interview discussion.

As the chat concludes, she reels off answers to questions that haven’t been asked but cover the release of the OZ THE GREAT AND THE POWERFUL but before all that, it’s all Watford, Pies, Stark’s mates and a bloody horrible concoction of Jaegermeister, Red Bull and vodka mix that I remember from my younger days. But in the meantime, take a watch for something a little bit different as Stark talks to his first major celebrity, and it’s the stunning Mila Kunis.

Source: EW

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