We’re not even half way through the first season of Fox’s superb serial killer drama THE FOLLOWING yet but US TV channel Fox have already ordered a second series of the Kevin Williamson creation. Kevin Bacon headlines the continuing 15-show first season alongside Brit James Purefoy.

The show revolves around serial killer Joe Carroll (Purefoy) and a complex network of ‘followers’ who are all part of one big masterplan, one in which former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Bacon) attempts to bring down.

The show, produced by the mighty Warner Brothers has seen a growing following itself after the pilot debuted to a viewing audience of over 20 million when it aired domestically back in January. THE FOLLOWING has also been successful on its Sky Atlantic airings in the UK, premiering just 24 hours after the US showing.

Deadline reports that the second series could air as soon as 2014.

Source: Deadline


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