Surely everyone loves settling down with a classic film and they don’t come much better than the 1985 Richard Donner classic, THE GOONIES. None other than Chris Columbus penned the screenplay and now we’ve unearthed some great behind-the-scenes shots from the film full of quotes, great memories and the legendary truffle shuffle.

We’ve also discovered proof that Michael Jackson did meet up with Chunk but not to use the bathroom but to hunt for treasure on that pirate ship, what a legend! Have to love a little in-world joke that was surely a late edition to the script. So enough waffle, scroll down for those shots (plus a little behind-the-scenes video with Data) starring Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, Jeff Cohen, Josh Brolin, Jon Ke Quan and Martha Plimpton among others and remember Goonies never say die!

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THE GOONIES is available to buy now via this link and for a few more cast and crew shots, click here and thanks to The for all the images!

Source: YouTube