Splitting DOCTOR WHO series 7 into two parts has its ups and down. The downs obviously being the wait between episodes but that wait is almost over, as March will see the series return and once again give meaning to Saturday night television. No longer will we have to go to bed early to avoid the likes of TAKE ME OUT. So, let the Doctor…see the motorcycle? Anyway, here’s a new poster for the second half of series 7, which sees The Doctor hurtling down the side of a building on a motorcycle with new companion Jenna Louise-Coleman on the back.

The next episode ‘The Bells Of St. John‘ will see The Doctor take on the Spoonheads. I hope their heads are literally spoons and the are used to eat yoghurt. That would be great. Probably not though. The action will take place in London though, and will take in sites such as The Shard and Westminster Bridge. The episode will be scripted by showrunner Steven Moffat himself, while later episodes will be written by the likes of Neil Gaiman, Mark Gatiss, Neil Cross, and Stephen Thompson.

As this is the 50th year of The Doctor, we should be getting celebrations to rival the focus on James Bond last year. We had better! DOCTOR WHO returns to screens on 30th March.

Doctor Who - Series 7B Doctor Who - Series 7B