The past week or so has seen some more content unearthed for NBC’s re-imagining of Thomas Harris cannibal fiend, Hannibal Lecter. HANNIBAL, adapted by Bryan Fuller, will look at the early relationship between FBI profiler Will Graham and the good doctor. Coming hot-on-the-heels of an impressive 30-second promo and a host of character images, we have the full two-minute trailer for the serial-killer series slated to air in the US on the 4th April. The UK is still awaiting news on a broadcast channel and date.

The show will delve into the early days of Graham’s troubled career as he tracks down the high-profile mass-murderers in the US. Serving as a prequel to Harris’ best-seller RED DRAGON, Graham is given a helping hand by Dr. Lecter, who, unbeknownst to the rising Agent is one of the men he should be hunting. Hugh Dancy takes on the role of Graham, previously played by William Petersen and Edward Norton, while it’s left to Mads Mikkelsen with the tough task of following in the footsteps on Brian Cox and Oscar-winning Anthony Hopkins.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com